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Lou’s Place is currently the only daytime refuge for women in the greater Sydney area.


Lou’s Place is a unique community-based daytime refuge for women in crisis, homeless, feeling isolated and/or in need of support. Opened in April 1999, Lou’s Place is housed in a terrace in Kings Cross. 


Lou’s Place not only offers a place to rest, eat, shower, wash clothes and enjoy company. We also provide crisis intervention, referrals, case management and legal advice together with programs to build self-esteem and life skills such as Personal Development sessions, Fun in Recovery group, art, collage, sewing, jewellery making, music and DIY classes. 


Our capacity to provide a number of services on-site in a warm, supportive environment is a significant strength. It allows us to adopt an holistic and therefore more effective approach to dealing with the many complex problems that may confront our clients.



The Plunkett Street Community Project is an outreach project that connects Lou's Place to mothers, carers and children in need of support in the local Woolloomooloo area. The area is home to families from diverse backgrounds, some of whom face complex social and economic issues. 


The central activity is the Plunkett Street Playgroup, a joint venture between Lou's Place and Plunkett Street Public School.


The weekly playgroup is a safe space for children under five to socialise, have fun and enjoy delicious and nutritious food while becoming familiar with the school environment. It facilitates their smooth transition to the preschool, promotes increased enrolment numbers and improved attendance rates. 


The playgroup also offers respite, social interaction and practical support to mothers and carers.


Three professional workers attend: a Lou's Place case manager, the preschool teacher at Plunkett Street School and a family psychotherapist.